Beach and more beach

We had picnic on the beach last night, near that lovely little lagoon. Gorgeous evening, tasty picnic, lovely all round.

Today saw more sunshine, after a rainy morning (how civilised – rain at night and sunny days!). I took Katla and Cai for an extended stroll through town, caught some street theatre. We saw the same, worse for wear, German guy doing the usual range of tricks again, and on the beach the most un-PC Punch & Judy show I have ever seen, with actors instead of puppet. It involved a Judy with a constant fag in her mouth or hand, an abusive Mr. Punch who beat Baby with a big stick, a vile Baby who looked very scary and tried to strangle Mr. Punch, pouring gin into Baby (joint effort by Punch and Judy) to make him/her quiet, and wife-beating by said Mr. Punch that ended up turning Judy on so that they ‘went down into the basement’ for a tumble. A non-interfering Polite officer was present at all times.

Some photos below.

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