Watching Obama drive by, meeting everyone at HQ, SF MoMA

A beautiful day, sunny but cool. As I made my way to South of Market to meet everyone at BC HQ, I first encountered a homeless man on crutches with a big placard saying he wanted ‘juicy organic pussy’. A desire which somehow seemed extremely unlikely to be met.

A few blocks down, police lines blocked the roads but I managed to make my way down 4th nearly all the way. There, police vehicles, sirens and flashing lights seemed to indicate urgency of some sort, but I still didn’t twig what was happening until people around me started squealing. It was Obama driving past. Quite a happening morning; it wasn’t 9.30 yet.

My day with the BC folks was very busy and warm, and it was delightful to get faces to all those names. My brain is still buzzing with the impressions, and I look forward to seeing them again in September.

Lunch at Osha Thai was delicious and I was released into the sunshine again at 2.30. I made my way to SF MoMA, which is another beautiful museum (I have enjoyed several while here). I particularly liked the exhibits on the top floor, and the roof garden is lovely.

In the late afternoon, we made our way back to Rockridge and then to Nicholas & Monica, who are lovely people. A very pleasant evening with good conversation, food and wine in a beautiful house with a scented garden. I wish I could have citrus trees in my garden!

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