San Francisco – and Oakland/Berkeley

Arrived here yesterday. Soooo much more clement weather. I was delighted to find Lye’s cottage very pleasant (and lockable). It is pretty, well-equipped and quiet, even though it is just off College Avenue.

I had dinner with Harry’s friends David and Kyle in The Mission, in Udupi, a South Indian restaurant that was both reasonably priced and had very good food. The time zone change caught up with me though – when it was 22.45 to everyone else, I was going on East Coast time and my internal clock was pushing towards 02.00. So back to the cottage, and sleep.

Another evening was spent at L’ardoise, with divine French bistro food. I had a duck leg confit that was very good indeed.

I woke up at 4 in the morning, of course. Very strange dreams. I think it was full moon yesterday, as I was in a very peculiar state of mind. Really quite unsettling.

Much as travelling is fun and exciting, I am now feeling ready to go home soon. I am homesick, to tell the truth. I know there is a mountain of things to deal with when I get back, but I still feel ready to meet it. The solitude of this little cottage in the midst of it all has brought that home to me.

Here are some photos of where I am staying and wanderings in San Francisco:

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