Tekscan pressure sensor equipment and more Boston

I just came out of a meeting with Tekscan, re. their pressure sensor equipment. A fascinating couple of hours! I am very impressed, and the centre of gravity/sway analysis especially rocked. It is beautiful to see the real-time data representation of what I have been focusing on so much and working with people around. Suddenly there – visible!

The walk there (South Boston) was not exactly scenic. A derelict industrial estate, due for redevelopment. I took some photos of this less than salubrious setting. Perhaps not a typical Boston tourist experience, but then I am not a typical tourist, I guess.

Boston is a very attractive place – clean, beautiful architecture, and it seems really quite sensible after New York, though not as exciting.

The first evening, we went to Island Creek Oyster Bar, which was relatively swanky and served delicious sea food.

Later, a wander through an incredibly Italian part of town. Very neighbourhoody and quaint, in a nice way. The patisseries here are definitely into food colouring. One of the ones on the main street is Mike’s Pastry, where Clinton used to get his kicks – the baked goods variety – I took some photos of some particularly fluorescent cakes. And strange sheepy Easter thingies. Supper at Ida’s afterwards, then back to David’s to carry on.

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