Lots of travelling

A day in Cambridge, with lots of trains, non-punting, duck-watching, some science festival activities, hypotension and a grand finale. Followed by a non-sartorial day of loveliness, Icon, more new memories and inaugurations, indoor picnic, urban wilderness walk and bramble avoidance in utterly wrong clothing, local discoveries, and fly-swat shopping. All good fun.

Super-Shahla has now been joined by Magic Maddie, whom Cai adores. A most welcome addition to family friends.

Cai has been modelling his new knight costume, which is splendid indeed. See photo. Several dragons have been slayed already. I never knew there were so many in the bathroom.

Tomorrow will bring a round trip to Essex, so more trains… It looks like it will be a lovely day, however. I must remember to get pressies for Hannah and Sebastian.


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