Balance is certainly dynamic. Nothing ever stays the same, and the ideal state can be said to be an even, steady stream of micro-adjustments, just like we do to stay upright. The trick is to not let things veer off too much to the side, as righting them takes a lot of effort.

The human body and our relationship to gravity is a marvellous template for understanding many other things, too. I have been reading Berthoz about proprioception, The brain’s sense of movement, and a little of Emotions & Reason, which builds on his theories about proprioception and how the brain develops – looking at the brain as a template-maker, creating structures based on past experiences that provides us with models for understanding the present and helps us project into the future.

Back to basics? Yes, in a way. Returning to the foundations of the human condition is always interesting, sometimes sobering, but most importantly, solidifying. And as long as one doesn’t compromise them, perhaps the basis for sustainable enjoyment of life.


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