Still cold

I was wearing wool and long undertrousers in the office today, plus a huge sleeved fleece blanket. And I had a heater under my desk. It was a cold day. The trouble is that I often have an unreliable appetite, unless I am physically active. The combination of that and cold has made for hypothermia in the past – indoors. Like Skalman, I need a food-and-sleep-alarm clock.

The MAB I am using for the preconception material has been somewhat complicated to deal with. I realised today that she actually hadn’t grasped quite what her role was in the process – checking medical facts. She had done quite a bit of that, but also made editorial decisions, and completely washed her hands of fact checking the articles on medicinal treatments. It is a hodge-podge of approaches, and it will take a little time to straighten out.

All in a day’s work. At least she finally sent me the articles. She’s had them since June. [sigh]


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