Lovely weekend times (and, randomly, welcome to game characters with rumpled clothes)

A great weekend, dinner with Annika at Lion & Lobster (the food there is really very good), Nic’s 40th birthday on Saturday, and a lovely, leisurely Sunday morning with a bath, cooked breakfast and a long walk in the afternoon.


Theatre Royal later, Radio City Theatre with Emma Kilby and collaborators. Very funny in parts, and a good concept. It was a long play though, and the combination of darkness and Sunday led me to nod off during the second part. Supper at the Yeoman. Yum.

I did lots of sorting out at home, too – it is now looking half decent.

Nic’s was a home affair in the end, but we all carried on to the Komedia afterwards. Not sure that was really needed (the sound was really terrible), but I guess it was a change of scene.

On a totally different note: They are developing software that makes game characters’ clothers rumple in a ‘realistic’ way. It is funny how it always returns to imperfection being what enables us to connect.


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