Old friends and some surprises

Printan and Estrella from Gothenburg, visiting London independently, offered a splendid opportunity to catch up. Also Julie S’s birthday do a stones throw away from the V&A. It got a bit hectic and involved a degree of cloning in order to be in two places at once, but it worked out OK.

Lunch in Covent Gardens, coffee on Monmouth Street, then to Shoreditch and a handful of achingly hip (utility style) destinations there. Neville Brody’s Anti-Design Festival was on at 28 Redchurch St. I left P & E to enjoy The Albion, and went to see Julie at that point. I was still full from lunch and ended up just having pudding.

Estrella was invited to a film premiere by a New York filmmaker, Katrina del Mar, in Bloomsbury, and had kindly put P and me on the guest list. Quite fun, in a low-brow left-field fashion. After that some drinks with P & E at various bars; last but not least the All Stars near Holborn.

First I thought it was some place that time forgot, but Fiona later disabused me of that notion. Apparently it is one of the places to be. It was great fun, whichever way one looks at it. A huge underground bowling alley, with a cocktail bar and a DJ who almost made the evening all by herself. She played some great music and was the life and soul of the party. Lots of dancing; I am usually not hard to persuade if the music is good. Which it was. It wasn’t the greatest cocktails, though.

It got quite late. I then headed for St Katharine’s Docks, and the apartment there. Guess what? The door guard had his knickers in a twist and wouldn’t release the key, although I had all the right information. Abysmal. It really wasn’t fun at that hour. I was very very very tired by the time my head hit the pillow.


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