PV at Lighthouse, Sarah & Martin’s wedding, and Notting Hill Carnival J’ouvert thrown in for good measure

A busy weekend. It kicked off with a private view at Lighthouse, for a show called Suspending Disbelief. There was one work in particular that caught my attention – a series of photos of unusual spaces, created by an architect called Andrew Friend. My favourite was the Dry Hole in the Sea. It is literally that; a floating contraption that creates a dry hole in the sea. A really nice idea. I ended up having supper at Bill’s with Jamie, Honor, Patrick, and a few more people.

The following day was spent attending Sarah and Martin’s wedding celebrations, which were lovely and warm. I got the opportunity to wear a dress I have waited to air, on the shallow side. I have no idea why, but I get the urge to dress in black or red at weddings, neither of which is strictly speaking traditional. I settled for a grey, long silk dress with a 1930s feel, instead – knowing Sarah would definitely appreciated one making an effort. Chatting, dancing, meeting some new people and seeing people doing the wedding reception thing on the dance floor.

Kim’s husband John brought up the matter of the Notting Hill Carnival J’ouvert, which I didn’t know about. Plucked from Trinidad carnival traditions, it involves lots of acoustic drumming and throwing paint, mud and all sorts over each other. The ones who had prepared properly wore white overalls and bandannas over their hair. We got there towards the end of the proceedings, after a Very Early Start, and the stalwarts were in full swing still. Great stuff! Very exciting atmosphere.

Following after there was a Brazilian percussion group who we danced to for quite some time, some food, general milling about, a visit to a beautiful Greek Orthodox church holding a ceremony, admiring the handsome villas on Dawson Place, and lots and lots of walking. A lovely day, after a lovely evening and night.


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