… was beautiful, as usual. It was a Friday Late open house event. Took a good look at the glass, which I had not really taken the time to do before. Some exquisite things, and a lot of quite fussy things.

The Small Spaces architectural exhibition they are currently running left me somewhat underimpressed. An actual tree house, another two works based on tree houses (three if you count the World Ash Yggdrasil from Norse mythology), and a weird multi-level structure that reminded me of fitting rooms more than anything else. It all seemed half-baked.

Juliana Sissons is Resident Artist there, and it was good to see her in full flight. I’ve only seen her rush around at the university lately, trying to cover for everyone else. She has some very exciting plans for the forthcoming show that she wants to discuss with me. It does sound like something I’d like to be involved in. Quite theatrical, and building on research from the V&A collections.

Afterwards, we went to Racine’s. I had duck breast, which was very tender, and served with a fantastic sauce. Back to mine not too late.

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