Emotional gameplaying

Why is it that some are so cagey about expressing appreciation? Can it be anything but a sense of vulnerability in caring that causes it? I am of course prone to the same, perfectly human vulnerabilities – if you care, you are vulnerable. But is the alternative to be preferred? Are you strong if you don’t care?

Assuming that you are, this forms a somewhat sociopathic ideal of strength – those who don’t care, win.

I may feel vulnerable in love, but I also feel freer when I acknowledge love and appreciation. I am rather vulnerable and free, than safe and bound.

I want to feel life, and freedom is important to me. I also don’t seek insulation from everything that could possibly hurt. I don’t want to live my life cowering in fear, telling myself that I am strong because I hide.

Bättre lyss till den sträng som brast, än aldrig spänna en båge
. (Free translation: Better to hear the bowstring snap, than never pull the bow.)


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