:And There Was Light + the good life

La Bella Principessa

My friend Lee Kum-Ah is one of those people with a refined sense for the good life, yet entirely down to earth. We spent the afternoon and evening together, and it was an inspiring time – as usual. She is emptying (very gradually) her studio – all 300 square meters of it. I played the piano (upright) there, and it is very lovely – great touch and sound. I actually prefer the feel of that than of her Bechstein grand. It has a somewhat dense feel, and is less responsive. Unusual.

We have started planning intimate events out here for the holidays – she has an amazing array of lighting and interesting hardware for both outdoors and indoors use. There is storage here, and she is another of those who have old connections to this place. We talked Winter Wonderland for Select Christmas Refuseniks and Non-Conformists.

She is her inspired, benign, generous self, although she is going through a period of difficulties.

The light was beautiful this evening, on the boat back. Long, low, golden rays.

Tomorrow I have some things I need to attend to, but I would also like to go and see And There Was Light at Eriksbergshallen, a major exhibition of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Raphael that has had very good reviews.


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