The future is not Orange. Not the slightest.

Yesterday it took the better part of 2 hours to get out of my contract with Orange (and I have passed the end point). Yet again, they tried the ruse of refusing to issue a PAC code unless I agreed to another 30 days of contractual agreement. Luckily I was in a phone shop, and could hand the phone back to the manager who had assured me they would not try that, as it is not how things work.

He dealt with them, a lot more calmly than I would have been able to. Basically they try to intimidate you into agreeing verbally to another 30 days, and record the conversation. In the end, they have to back down (as long as you are not intimidated into agreeing), as they do not have any legs to stand on. What an unnecessary way of spending two hours!

So, I have the lovely new iPhone 4, and am just waiting for my number to pass over to the new network. Goodbye Orange, as of tomorrow. Finally. And yes, I am playing with it quite a lot in the meantime.

We went to the no longer quite new Jamie Oliver restaurant in town last night, and it was really quite good. It didn’t feel like a Brighton restaurant – the concept is far too worked out, and meticulously followed through. I definitely got the feeling even the staff were London exports (friendly and attentive, but a little too on the ball to be truly Brightonian). Funny interior – Scandinavian 70s hipster style. Reasonably funky, yet approachable.

A long walk through an unusually quiet night to round the evening off. Very lovely.

I had a fortuitous meeting with Christabel today. I haven’t seen her for ages. She was on her way up to CSM to teach. Still up to their old tricks, pressing their teaching staff hard by the sounds of it. After that, Rachel and I had a lovely catch-up @33.

I meant to go up to Metropolitan Works today but was utterly stumped by logistics, so I had to bail on that one. I got my accounts done instead. Always something.


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