Tired again!

I am in need of a good rest. Work all day, fine, that’s normal, picking up C & K, then to a private view, meeting a nice selection of people, fine, then food at Bill’s, then home – and suddenly totally fried. Would like to be out and about, but I suspect the best place for me is in bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day again.

Magus and Cai have become bestest friends. It is a thing to behold. Magus seems to slip very comfortably into Cai’s pace of life and has the patience of an angel. Cai was very upset at leaving, and insisted he wanted Magus to come with us. Meanwhile, I think Magus had dipped into the red a fair bit and promised to come and bring Cai a present next time he saw him, which led to the sort of relentlessly circular Q&A session you can only have with a three-year-old. But it was very sweet.

Katla’s school report was great, and she was very pleased with it. I was quite pleased with my distinction, too. So we celebrated at Bill’s.


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