Pimm’s in the park

After a pretty hectic day sorting stuff, we escaped the bustle of Saturday shopping mayhem (it is an absolute mystery to me what the appeal is) and settled in Preston Park with Sadie and co. for the late afternoon and early evening. I brought a picnic and the full Pimm’s setup, which seemed to suit the occasion.

About half past eight, we headed for the long road behind the park, where Andy and Julia had their housewarming party. It was pretty messy-looking already by then, plus a whole bunch of kids and various breeds of dogs milling about. Cai was a bit taken aback at first. It got messier still as the evening progressed, but the atmosphere was friendly and there were some quieter corners to camp in.

Annika was there, as well as a number of familiar faces. Anna and Steve too. Steve kindly walked me home while Anna and the brood hopped in a cab. Nice warm night.

I wish I could have had undisturbed sleep on top of it, though!


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