Motion capture workshop, show, juggling

It has been an intense week, with putting up the show. It is working, and doing so well. There are some minor tweaks I would like to do in Pd, and I might get the opportunity for doing so this week.

The motion capture workshop at Lighthouse was very illuminating and exciting. There were some truly inspirational speakers, and we shall continue our various dialogues.

Social stuff around it all was fun and a bit of a whirlwind. Supper at Coach House on Friday evening after the PV and the mocap networking event. I am quite tired, it has to be said. But there is a sense of forwards momentum which is energising.

I began excavating the house, there is bound to be a home buried somewhere here. I even managed to cook a non-bizarre meal last night for 6 people. They even seemed to enjoy it, but the kids turned their sugared-up little noses up at the rhubarb. Personally I think rhubarb and strawberry crumble is delicious.

My mind is whirring. So is the fan of this laptop – my old one – which has had to come out to play as my one is locked up in 202. But I think my mind is whirring louder, at least it sounds like that to me.


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