Has Orange glanced too keenly at Michael O’Leary?

Today I rang Orange to ask why I haven’t had my PAC code yet. I rang to cancel my contract on 2 June, as I have been told you need to give them 30 days’ notice. Today is 21 June. Surely they should have managed to send out a PAC code in nearly three weeks?

First I spoke to someone I couldn’t understand, as their accent was too heavy. They also didn’t have the information I needed. I was passed on to someone a bit more senior. She offered to send out a PAC code within 5 business days, so I could get another provider from 20 July.

At that point, I entered The Process by Kafka. I pointed out I cancelled my contract on 2 June, so that I could be free to have another provider from 1 July. She said they didn’t have any records of that. I suggested that was a system fault of theirs, which shouldn’t be a problem of mine. “Do you have a confirmation letter to back this up?”, she asked. I said no, I don’t think I received anything. Especially not my PAC code.

She carried on for 5-10 minutes, insisting I could ask for my contract to be cancelled 30 days from today. I insisted that I wanted to be free to have another provider from 1 July, as I asked for the cancellation on 2 June. She insisted she couldn’t do that, as there were no notes on my account to confirm that I had indeed asked for a cancellation. I insisted yet again that that was a system fault of theirs, not mine.

I went on to ask how she could guarantee that the cancellation was put in place from today, if there was no note of when I rang on 2 June. She said “of course, how would things otherwise work, if you couldn’t trust people?” (HAH!)

I suggested it was a form of theft if I could not leave Orange and was forced to carry on paying fees in spite of having asked for my account to be cancelled. It was getting more and more heated – and then, suddenly, she “found” the order for a PAC code to be sent out – which was from 2 June.

She tried to blame Royal Mail too. But offered to text me the PAC code in the end. I said I would be delighted if she could.

The future is anything but Orange. I’d rather use carrier pigeons.


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