Michael Clark Company

Their latest production at the Dome. Somewhat inconsistent. A bit too ballet-ish for me, if the truth be told. You can go an arabesque too far.

The first piece was quite dull, the second creepy (I really didn’t like the syringe costume with big lumpy things under the leotard where the syringes attached), the third stylish, the last the best of the lot. It had the most life.

The dancers were not particularly fluid in their language, but let loose in the last section of the programme. It definitely felt fresher than what went before.

I missed warmth and sensuality. There was a cynical undertone to a lot of it, and I almost felt for the dancers (though they are most likely delighted to be part of the Michael Clark company). Weird feeling. One is supposed to find it marvellous, but somehow I couldn’t get into the spirit.


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