Lovely children, happy mummy

It’s been a busy afternoon and evening with Katla and Cai. It is great to be back with them. Lots of kisses and hugs, a veritable love fest all around. They were so happy to see each other. That is probably the most beautiful thing I know – when the two of them are totally loved up.

A focused and inspired day at work. The recent ‘bootcamp’ has certainly recharged my batteries, and I have a good and clear sense of where to direct my efforts.

There was a mighty rumble upstairs suddenly at around 10-10.30 pm. I rushed up, and there was Cai. More asleep than awake, he had dragged the stool to the toilet and stood there with his pyjama bottoms down, spraying the floor and the outside of the toilet, crying his little eyes out as it didn’t go quite to plan… Bless! I was just so impressed he got up to go to the toilet all by himself in the middle of the night. Pretty good for a three year old, I think. Never mind the random element!


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