Some progress and more

I have got Pduino (Firmata) working, so that’s a relief. I also wired up the relays to the light sockets, so there was quite a bit of soldering to do. But as to getting the IR sensor to do what I wanted, no luck so far. I will talk to the tech help tomorrow, see if they can shed some light.

Last night I went to Richard’s birthday party. Very pleasant, and I spent a long time chatting to Noreen, his neighbour. She can hear me through the wall when I play the piano, and was a lot of fun to talk to. A little tipsy, but funny and robust. She invited me to come round for a cuppa whenever I practice the piano.

I played the piano a little while last night, but it was tricky to hear at first, so I wasn’t very happy with my playing. It did get a little better as the room got quieter. It is a strange thing, the feedback system between the fingers, the eyes and the ears. And easily disrupted.

The lady who organises Philosophy in Pubs was there too, and we chatted quite a while. She’s good fun too. And I rumbled someone’s party trick. Lots of nice nibbles, and quite a bit of champagne. So, a soft landing from my recent travels.

Jane popped round this evening, and we talked for a while. I still haven’t caught up with everyone since the May illness. It has been a quiet weekend, without the kids. I look forward to seeing them tomorrow.

And on Tuesday, my mum is moving to Styrsö! Camilla and Pärlan are being absolutely sterling, helping her settle. I am blessed with good friends.


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