Chateau d’Amboise

Fairly intense day, work-wise. But good.

Visited the Chateau d’Amboise today with Jenny and Cordula. It sits on the hilltop above us, and as we visited there was a very atmospheric summer thunder storm. The rain was pouring from the mouths of the gargoyles. The castle is dominated by gothic and renaissance style, with some 19th C interior additions that look strangely out of place.

In one section, they laid parquet flooring and covered the stone walls with crimson toile and some panelling. Pretty as it is (the colour is gorgeous, my favourite red), it doesn’t have the elegance of the earlier interiors. I can imagine that the castle must have seemed like an outdated, provincial dump to the fashionable 19th C minor royalty that probably stayed there.

Home improvement is a thing to be approached with extreme caution, history seems to say.

There is a Fleur de Lys theme going on in the slide show below, I love the Fleur de Lys mini-tarpaulins they use to collect garden waste in!

Our last supper here at the hotel was every bit as fine as the previous ones. I think I will cry when I come home and open my fridge. That Vouvray wine again…

Champagne in the bar first, and a visit to the ancient storage caves with passages cut trough the rock from where we have worked all this week, right up to the castle. Le Choiseuil appears to have been a most strategic manor house.

Excellent conversation and many laughs with Patricia and Nicole until quite late.

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