Chateau Le Choiseuil and Amboise

This evening we went to Chez Bruno, a small restaurant with wines from their own vineyard. There was a gorgeous sauternes… Normally I prefer red wine, and am rarely excited by what comes out of a wine bottle, but the whites I have had here are total pleasure.

The hotel restaurant, No.39, is very good. After sickly May, when my appetite was minuscule and my stomach shrank to the size of a walnut, I have recovered exceptionally fast. I guess a sumptuous breakfast buffet and a three-course lunch and dinner every day will do that to you. I need to learn to make Ile flottante. Never mind why – I just do.

Otherwise, this has been a pensive evening. Beautiful, with birdsong echoing against the cliff face (the castle of Amboise sits on top of a fair sized cliff around the foot of which lies Amboise). Lush, green, enormous trees. But I had a need to withdraw.

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