Eurostar, oh Eurostar

…I wish I had gone by Eurostar. Travelling with Sasha and Jenny was, of course, very pleasant. And the taxi driver was chatty and nice, and told me everything I never needed to know about the intricacies about HVG drivers’ sense of community. (Btw, the going currency is cups of tea.)

But £155 to get from Brighton to Stanstead?? In the interest of saving money, because going by train was too expensive? What on earth was Linda thinking about? And it is the same thing on the return leg. How going by train all the way, which would have been straightforward and enjoyable, could possibly be more expensive than this escapes me.

I would imagine £200 would have sufficed if one booked long enough in advance. Maybe £300. But add £155 x 2 to the £25-30 x 2 for flights, plus whatever ridiculous charges RyanAir (cursed be their name) add on top for the privilege of having luggage (there is not yet a charge for breathing, but Michael O’Leary is no doubt trying to figure out a way of adding that), and the total will easily be greater than a train fare would have been. Bah. Humbug.

Anyway, we’re here, it’s charming, there is a piano (very out of tune, but nice feel) and the food is lovely. Work begins tomorrow. Time to go horizontal.


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