Ooops, bank holiday and half term creeps up again

I find the holidays in May confusing every year. They creep up on you, and there is usually so much going that I have failed to plan children’s activities; it usually ends up being a last minute swapsies affair. Thankfully, there are other mothers who work – the non-working ones tend to make you feel like a complete failure.

Lucky too that Katla has always been a flexible young lady, who takes most things in her stride. She was always thus. Cai is a different animal altogether, he is very sociable like her but does tend to like things a bit more just so.

I didn’t end up going out with Mi last night. Cai had one of those weird high fevers that come and go suddenly, so I tended to him all day. Sadie picked up Katla so she could spend the afternoon with Delilah, and she slept over last night.

The added rest (apart from Cai being like Jack-in-the-box in the night, of course) is doing me a bit of good too – I feel pretty much like myself finally, after nearly four weeks of this awful cold/flu-virus. I expect I might even have my usual sense of smell back in a few days – something I look forward to eagerly.

Being without my sense of smell for so long has been somewhat depressing. Almost like missing an eye – reality is flatter and more dull. It has made me realise how much I live by my nose.


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