Oh glory, out and about – and I can smell the world again!

Went for a completely random walkabout with Katla this evening, and it was soooo lovely to be out and about. I am not good when cooped up. Looking after poorly toddler all weekend is rewarding in its own small ways, lots of cuddles for example, but cabin fever was getting a proper hold of me.

We went for a decadent post-supper nibble at Moshi-Moshi, I had a glass of their somewhat vulgar, yet strangely tasty plum wine and a little sashimi, while Katla attacked the conveyor belt with selective enthusiasm. There was a Japanese festival just outside over the weekend, and some bits floating around for that. It carries on tomorrow.

The evening air was gloriously soft. And the summer smells, walking through Pavillion Gardens…. I cannot begin to describe how delightful it is to have my sense of smell back, after four anosmic weeks. Not being able to taste or smell anything properly is truly depressing for me.

Lots of friendly faces milling about, and some grownup chatting with my no-longer-little girl.


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