Matt Hanson: Burn, Hollywood, Burn – Expanding the Cinematic

The End of Celluloid
One Dot Zero
Post-viral video – online + digital environments foster innovation
Music video
Light Surgeons – leading VJ performers
Feature-length film, City of Hollow Mountains, with Light Surgeons
Live Cinema – content being created/edited live
Trailer Remix – Scary Mary

Online > Offline: David Lynch set up his own web community where people’s own films and ideas could feature. He used these ideas/trains of thought for his film Inland Empire

Matthew Barney – Cremaster cycle – uses narrative ideas form computer games
Janet Cardiff, sound artist, does video walks. Builds narrative experiences with sound and video. The film on the DV camera screen ends up taking precedence as you move through the same places. You end up following the camera.

Locative video
Cinema ARGs (Alternative Reality Games), building para-narratives around the core cinematic device.
If you shut the game down before it is finished, the server has a function that calls you up and the character tells you he isn’t finished with you.

Screen bleed (Peter Greenaway)
Optic shift

HBO Imagine – HBO cube shows four sides of a single story simultaneously. Only when you’ve seen all four sides of the story will you see the bigger picture.
Screen burn – HBOs apartment block web feature

Machinima – a form of animation that is created through 3D computer game engines, used as 3D film sets.
Machinima documentary – My Second Life, the video diaries of Molotov Alva.

Virtual worlds, cinema + games

(Pseudo) V-logging: Fictional videologs.

Video + Social networks – the video part is an integral part of the social network

A Swarm of Angels.
Network + Collaboration – crowdsourcing>: Feature films that both in terms of input and output has a social network component. Fits my model of engagement, maybe connect further down the line of research?

Documentaries first to lead the way
Style: Underdog, Age of Stupid
Network: Resist network
Distribution: Steal this film

Copyright > Copyleft
First open movie (made with an open source animation tool called Blender): Elephant’s Dream. Peach Open Movie Project. Creative Commons licence. Films made to showcase the software.

Digital age > Network age:

Film isn’t just film anymore
The screen in ubiquitous
Reach individuals, not ‘the mass’
Use the networked environment


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