PiP – Philosophy in Pubs and other ramblings

Last gig of this year’s May festival. The theme was music, and how it affects our understanding. Interesting talk, and some worthwhile discussions (though the facilitator at our table was a bit pants – it got better when she left the table).

It was a lovely evening, the weather finally decided to bless us with warmth and sun this weekend (I turned the heating off on Friday), and it felt like that should have happened in the beginning of this month. May is usually such a gorgeous month in Brighton. Oh well, hopefully June will be lovely instead.

I am gathering all the bits I need for the circuitry. Ben will give me some assistance on Wednesday – since I am working with a mains current, that seems prudent. It will all be safely contained and tamper-proof. I decided to not have a door switch and use a PIR detector instead. Can’t understand why I didn’t think of that sooner.

The Pd patch is well under way, and I am having a meeting with Rich tomorrow re. all the sound files that are needed. I need to rope some willing suspects in to record secrets.

One thing I need to attend to is lights. Got to speak to Jim about what is available on the premises.

I have ordered the IR sensor that I am going to try out for use under the lights. Need another two in total, but I want to see how they perform first. After that, and getting the circuitry in order, it is a matter of getting Pduino to make sense. It isn’t looking too bad, actually. Hopefully not my famous last words.


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