Political Mother by Hofesh Shechter Company

I went to see this show last night, and it was…stunning. It is hard to describe, because there was so much. Incredibly dynamic – working with everything from an empty stage to almost deranged intensity, Baroque string quartet music to live (and loud!) rock delivered by 8 musicians, 4 of which on percussion.

Intensely physical, with very strong, sinuous dancers. For a change there was no particularly noticeable difference between male and female dancers – they were all giving 200%, and it took a while before you even noticed they were different genders.

It was emotionally gripping, rather than moving. At times it cut straight to the bone, and at one point I had tears running down my cheeks from the sheer rawness. Powerful, stark, rich, and intense.

Beautiful use of tableaux, and a most surprising phrase appearing about one third in. First kind of funny, and the whole audience chuckled, and then I realised it was actually true.

I would urge anyone who gets the chance to go and see/feel/hear them, unless you happen to like precious dance performances, in which case you will hate it.

Best thing I have seen in some time. And they are doing a three-year residency at the Dome!


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