Woohoo! Brighton Festival kick-off

1 May, the festival starts. It’s a buzz every year, no matter how blasé you might feel prior to it. The streets (normally pretty lively) really come to life, and there are three weeks of constant lots-of-exciting-things-happening, whether you’ve got it together to book tickets or not.

I’ve not done too badly this year; managed to sit down and read the programme and book some tickets before everything sold out. (I’ve had a few slack years.) I will fill in as I go how it all comes out.

The children’s parade was lively, colourful and fun as usual. Street performances on New Road (which I think happens throughout), met Huw and Abi in the Pavillion Gardens and made some highly ambitious plans for the future on the fly, bumped into Andy, met Karen ad hoc with the very new baby Che in tow. And that was just trying to get home in time for Pete and Lola turning up.

I love Brighton in May.


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