Next week

  • “A body of work”
  • Ideas for show; what to do, how to
  • Flow diagram
  • Tech needs
  • Need to make the recordings soon. Which means I need access to a room of suitable dimensions, and hopefully borrow Dom’s recording equipment. Need to get the relevant electronic components, or rather one unit, so I can start working out how to do it. Need to figure out how the entrance switch is to be constructed.

    Need to decide which platform to use to manage sound files (for secrets, quiet and boisterous soundtrack). Email Mike Blow: send an example of Pd/Arduino connection that works – sound file selection and playback. Ask Mike if he is available for Pd support. Ben can do Processing.

    Arduino drives relay switch, which controls the lights.

    Hobby Robotics has a good diagram that shows the needed components (example for 3 spotlights):

  • 1 computer
  • 1 Arduino
  • 3 1K resistors
  • 3 2N2222 transistors
  • 3 1N4004 diodes
  • 3 5V relays for 240VAC
  • 1 transformer with variable output to provide 5V for relay switches
  • 3 spotlights
  • 3 ultrasonic range finders
  • lots of 13A mains cable (and mains plugs/sockets) for extension leads
  • Breadboards, wire
  • Possible relays: (needs 10V from the transformer)

    3 (3-5) spots (ask Karen who is close and does lights), mount circuits, Arduino, computer, transformer (creating 5V output to drive relay switch) in ceiling. This mini theatre type lighting can from Maplins might work, max 50W.

    Sound system: Stereo or quadrophonic sound? Amp to drive quad speakers? Use home system? Source? Control with Pd (Mike) or Processing (Ben)?


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