More music!

I finally got my lovely hi-fi wired up today, and it sounds just great. I have really missed having music at home. Now listening to Debashish Bhattacharya – Calcutta slide guitar virtuoso (I know that sounds insane, but it is exquisite – saw him live a couple of years ago).

Quite a sociable, glorious spring day. Anna was hideously hungover this morning, but held it together for an hour and then melted into the sofa, so I left her to dematerialise in private. Later on, Miriam stopped by and we went for a long walk together. She is getting to the end of her tether with having her employers stuck in South Africa and being left to deal with everything, including their very spoilt 17-year-old daughter having rowdy pool parties at their house and breaking cherished works of art.

Off to the Tin Drum for a quiet catch up with Jane (who is back from India) soon.


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