Orphanage Spring Dance, courtesy of The Last Tuesday Society

Off the Strand, fairly nice but not extraordinary venue. Dressed-up and lively crowd, pleasantly mixed (monoculture being one of my bugbears). A few good party tricks, and a buzzy little scene in its own right – there are definitely merits and things done right. I would have liked to see and hear a bit more ambitious programming, though. Then it could be really great. It is a demanding task to do that consistently, but – I think – needed for real impact. Lots of charm, however.

We left Brighton a little later than planned, but nicely turned out. Had some delicious sushi on the way to the venue, as hunger was by now an issue.

Quite amusing was being proposed to within half an hour of arriving at the venue by a guy who was in the mood for finding a soul mate and wanted to rehearse. I have been proposed to at events before (and indeed wed to Mindy and Moo by the most un-ordained Father John on one occasion), but never had anyone kneel, do the whole proposal spiel and sneaking a ring off his finger in order to rehearse the real thing.

Guess that dress worked its magic again.

Watching people trying to dance seriously to Mariachi music was funny. We opted for the dozy-doe instead. Less stylish but somehow more appropriate.

Orphanage Spring Dance


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