Everything hurts!

I can feel my muscles all over, aching after a couple of days’ of very good workout indeed on the board. When I first started out, I didn’t find it that physical (apart from the bruised backside, of course). But now I use my whole body, it seems. Can’t quite work out how that happens, it feels pretty relaxed.

Not when going down steep slopes with lots and lots of moguls, though. With all the snow that has been falling, it is a bit of a problem for an unadventurous person like myself. I don’t like bumpy rides.

After a fine morning, snowfall that must have been a proper blizzard a little way up came on quickly. Now it has cleared up a bit again, but I think there is more on the way. Seeing really poor visibility also doesn’t tickle a weed like me, that leaves plenty of time to write and work. I have enjoyed some good focus here.


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