Ouch, my thighs hurt

Bumpy snowboarding, lots of snow piling up. But it has been fun to rediscover my ‘snow legs’. I made friends with a young Danish guy who was learning, William. He is here with his family and we boarded together this morning. It was a win-win situation, as I could dig out all those useful bits of technique in the the process of trying to help him along, hence benefiting myself.

Snow is picking up again after initially slowing down. Visibility is not so good, but it is supposed to improve tomorrow. The forecast shows a big, fat sun, so it could work out to be a lovely day. Tuesday starts out good, then more snow, then Wed afternoon sunny again.

Right now I have food coma, and will lie down.


2 Responses to “Ouch, my thighs hurt”

  1. I envy you Carina, I’ll take frozen rain over the soggy stuff any time.

  2. Carina Westling Says:

    You’re right about that, but coming from a place where snow is part of everyday life I can vouch for the tiresome aspects of proper winters. They are long. And they come with lots of brown slushy stuff either end, when temperatures are undecided. Best visited in the height of season! Then one can come back to a lovely, early English spring…

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