Strange looking place – futuristic, multi-story, Swiss chalets in wood, if that comes easy to your imagination. It didn’t to mine. Nicely laid out if you come with children, though. Pleasant atmosphere. At the moment it is snowing heavily, so I am staying in to catch up with things. When we arrived it was sunny and lovely, hopefully some of those blue skies will return.

I look forward to some boarding, and some writing, and some R&R. As much as will happen with three kids…. It is easy with your own, they know you and you know them. A little harder work when they are brought up in a very different way, with different expectations. I cannot help pondering on local cultural differences.

Being Scandinavian, it has never occurred to me that a woman should be any different to a man when it comes to making your way in the world, making a living, etc. If the main path for a woman to making a living is marriage in the prevailing culture, the innate survival skills of a girl child takes other routes than the ones I am familiar with or can painlessly comprehend.

By the way, note to self and anyone else who may contemplate it, do not book e-tickets with Rail Europe for French train travel. The system has an acknowledged tendency to fail. Much as I am a fan of e-tickets and booking numbers, in this instance I would strongly recommend either having printed tickets sent out, or dealing directly with the rail companies in question. Alternatively, let a travel agent deal with it all.

A bunch of jovial young Scots on the Eurostar leg took Cai under their wing – they were very sweet. He has a tendency to get adopted by friendly bands of blokes. I remember when we went to the Electric Picnic in Ireland, and the Lazy Habits took him in en masse. It must be that butter-wouldn’t-melt look of his.

Phew, the girls finally decided to go out and have a play in the snow. They did that irritating thing they tend to do when they first start hanging out earlier on – descend into utterly cluelessness. Drives me crazy. It is also totally unnecessary, seeing they are individually quite capable. Of course I am more used to my own, and know what I can say. I am never quite sure how to deal with it in A, as she is used to being treated with kid gloves and unceasing admiration. Ordinary conversation has always worked with mine, but it seems harsh in A’s context.

I guess I am not totally feeling the love after a long journey, either. Once everyone has settled in and figured out where everything is, I am sure it will be tickety-boo.


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