Flow diagram

…make, for Secrets. And get one of the light/ultrasonic combos to work. Then see about replicating and getting them to cycle.

Need: Mains power controller. Arduino can control that. Controlling 5 mains light
Main rated relays,

Spot plugs need to go into my own, special sockets.

1 motion sensor
1 arduino board
5 ultrasonic sensors
5 spotlights
Sound system to play two sound tracks
? mains rated relays
Lots of wire and leads

Need now to get one of the light units working:
1 spotlight
1 mains rated relay (3A for 60W??)
1 arduino

Hobby Robotics looks useful.

Also useful, a little reminder about Ohm’s law to calculate resistance.

A page with some general information about relays from the Electronic Club.

A likely suspect from Maplins?

Revisit Devantech ultrasonic ranger page from Robot-Electronics.

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