Whatever you meet (that isn’t in the disaster category) is actually easier to deal with the more authentic you are able to be with yourself. It is certainly a truism, but like many of those, not altogether easy to make practice of.

A couple of interesting meetings on the way to work today. One of them a woman I always seem to greet when we meet, thinking she was someone else (whom she really does look a lot like). She looked unusually smart today, and stood by a bus stop, so I stopped to chat. It turns out she is not at all the same as the person I confused her with (unusal for me, but like I said, they really look incredibly alike), but that we do know each other from somewhere.

Another one: The young Swedish girl working at the Taj. She is starting to look a bit lost, and reached out for help in a very trusting way. It seems she is not happy there, and there seems to be some trouble back home too. Anyway, I gave her my phone number and offered to try and help with what I can.

Robin and his wife are still here, and I hope we will get the opportunity to have a look at some more coding. It would be fab if we can get the IR sensor to work properly with the cube, and we were making good tracks the other night.

But first, a game of False Gods.


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