Networking my little heart out

Back in the swing, and the forces of the universe have moved in behind me, it seems. No idea how the timing works, but people are contacting me and there is a distinct sense of wind in the back about all this.

It is fairly familiar ground from back when, but the tools are a little different. Avis came round last night and we rabbited excitedly for a couple of hours about things associated with this.

I recall when we touched ground at Glastonbury last summer and hit the same loping walking pace, striding around site in tandem in a way I am not accustomed to sharing with others. Few have the same pace. It was a very easy experience. Last night was similar, but my head was buzzing afterwards. It took me a good hour to slow down sufficiently to go to bed.

This was not helped by Robin U turning up from Bangladesh with his Korean wife and half a ton of Belgian truffles, which he was sharing out with extreme generosity. His altruistic streak is mediated by chocolate these days. Really. He is planning chocolate giving events.


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