V&A Renaissance Masked Ball, with the Last Tuesday Society – with photos

Mi wanted to go to the renaissance masked ball at the V&A with the Last Tuesday Society, and who was I to argue?

It was very glamorous, with lots of people dressed up to the nines (and tens), everyone milling about in the fine venue that the V&A is, and the main excitement being that, really. There were some workshops that seemed fun, and some musical entertainment, but the crowd itself – and the venue – was what made it what it was.

I managed to cobble together a costume in a hurry – from the gold and white dress I made for the Vavavavoom Roman extravaganca many years ago (which I wore as the made up Roman fertility goddess Fecundia – I was eight months pregnant at the time – born on a velvet chaise longue and fanned by male ‘slaves’) and a selection of my grandmother’s costume jewellery. I looked at a bunch of Botticelli paintings for inspiration, and it seemed to have worked. I was commended for ‘obviously having done my research’, among many things.

It was incredibly cold to get there and back though – temperatures dropped to something like -5, and I was clearly not dressed for that. I narrowly avoided hypothermia.

I also had my first exposure to Ethiopian food at Addis, which was a surprising and very pleasant experience. Met up with Rhett, Garth’s film music composer friend, who I haven’t seen for literally years. Very easygoing, exactly like back when. His other half was there too, very nice, and we roamed around a bit in Portobello and Notting Hill (where they live).

We went to a lovely little place in Notting Hill later, Cinéphilia. A cafe-miniature cinema-exhibition space (great Polish cinema posters, very dark)-quality film library-cineast book shop-combo, run by a charming couple. I could have spent weeks there without running out of things to read and see.

On my return, Mi and I spent the late evening together drinking warm sake, looking at photos and bouncing ideas.


2 Responses to “V&A Renaissance Masked Ball, with the Last Tuesday Society – with photos”

  1. Hello I am the bald girl in the wedding dress and gasmask whos back is to the camera at 1.53. Would it be possible to have a copy of this photo and any others of me and my gree haired friend in them. Thank you so much



    • Carina Westling Says:

      Hi Synth,

      If you email Mi at truenorth (email address at the beginning of the video), I am sure she’ll help you with that!


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