Playgroup – meant to be wordplay, but….

Oh dear. I stood with Robin, Drew, Dan, Sarah et al watching this endless, relentlessly mediocre Michael Jackson impersonator in an ill-fitting lamé leotard and balding pate, wondering why a couple of hundred under-25s were going mental to such rubbish.

When I arrived at Komedia, there was a queue to the end of the block. Facebook publicity clearly works. Dan dragged me in past all that lot, so I didn’t have to endure 45 minutes in a misty drizzle. Once in, it was rammed. People were certainly going with the spirit of it all (dead famous=dead celebrity theme) and were largely dressed up, or at least dolled up.

However, there is something that just doesn’t add up. In the publicity, it is billed (I recall I went to a previous event by this lot, Blind Tiger Club, and left almost immediately as what was happening just didn’t grip me at all) as a wacky, hedonistic, all-nighter in the whole Komedia venue, with all sorts of bands and goings-on. But they don’t deliver. I was just upstairs, the ‘band’ was an impersonator, the hedonism consists of lots of people who basically haven’t been around much who get pissed and think they are having the time of their lives.

Amendment: The organisers have kindly commented (see below), and there must have been communication issues on the night. The bouncers told us we couldn’t go anywhere else, so the misunderstanding illustrates perfectly that any chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Beware; and ensure that nobody messes with the communication of your vision. If their objectives are significantly different from yours, this is a real risk in almost any complex circumstances.

The Correspondents were good, because they are. But going on at 2.30 after hours of poor programming is a bit of a graveyard shift. The audience is by then, quite frankly, bludgeoned by cheap booze and bad entertainment into quite an unresponsive, if jolly state. It is like moving through mud scattered with sequins.

Still, it was nice to see the gang more or less gathered.


One Response to “Playgroup – meant to be wordplay, but….”

  1. Playgroup Says:

    Hi Carina,

    Really sorry you didn’t have a good time at Playgroup, but just to correct you, there was actually 3 rooms and the whole of Komedia was open to the public, including the basement and the studio bar. I’m sorry if you spent the whole night in the top room, such a shame as there were some incredible live bands downstairs. Unfortunately at Komedia they don’t allow live music ie. full live bands in the top room due to sound complaints so we have to have all the full bands in the basement.

    Our main goal is always to promote local talent, and I’m sorry you didn’t get to see any of that. All I can is apologise for the night, and offer you and a friend free tickets to the next event so you can explore the venue for yourself and hopefully see what we’re really about.

    email us at


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