A game of Catan with funny, mischievious, vindictive friends

I was going to do some really tedious paperwork. But Cal came around with what looked like three different sets of Catan, so we played that instead. I started out trying to be cooperative and industrious, whereas Cal never really bothers with trying to hide his mercenary streak.

In the end, it was a very even game, and to my astonishment I won – one move before army-and-road-building Cal would have done so. Cabin fever held at bay yet again.

Tomorrow, schools are open – hooray! Even Katla is happy about that. She too is sick of Christmas holidays now. Sadie came round yesterday and took her home for a sleepover with Delilah, so they did have at least some boredom relief.

I procrastinated in a constructive way today, avoided the paperwork and instead did quite a bit of useful writing. Plus top-and-tailed myself. If this weather carries on much longer (which doesn’t seem likely, as it has started melting away quite a bit and higher temperatures still are forecast) I will start picking up all sorts of loose threads at home.

And probably lose some marbles.


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