People you choose vs. those you don’t choose, and writing

Much as it can be hard to cast off the influence of those who we have known since childhood, it is a necessary part of becoming someone you can live happily with.

Recognising and inviting people into your life by choice is an invaluable part of approaching your life as an artist. Is your life not the most important work of art of all?

On writing: After feeling that my current project sits like a ton of bricks in the pit of my stomach for some time, I just came up with the mortar that makes it more acceptable. I guess it swings between one and the other. Bricks – mortar – bricks – mortar. Work in progress still, but more pleasingly structured. My creative digestion feels much better, thanks.

The not-quite-dark-night-of-the-soul-but-really-quite-challenging couple of weeks that lie just behind me seem to have opened up. Phew. A genuine sigh of relief.


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