Welcome, 2010

We ended up having a fantastic time at Anna’s last night. And morning. It was a hedonistic affair in good old style, and Anna and I bonded in mutual appreciation. Sometimes that is just the thing.

There was dancing, there was talking, there were massages. We stayed until 4.30am or so and did a pixie job before leaving. Much nicer to wake up to a clean home. An easy way to brighten someone’s day – I always remember the people who get to grips with helping to tidy up at the end of parties very fondly.

On return, Matt and Geoffy were still up downstairs, though not in the most extrovert of moods. Very happy though. Silly grins. I left them to it after wishing them all the best for the new year.

The full moon was beautiful last night. Clear sky and a big bright orb. Today is sunny, blue sky and probably on the chilly side. Life is good.


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