After effects and the Fount of Youth

Oh dear. I am a bit broken. Last night finally caught up with me. Today has not been particularly productive. But then New Year’s Day is officially a red day. Guess that makes it alright to spend it recovering.

Tomorrow there is a brunch date with Athol and Aisling in their new house. I am about to fall over in bed, in order to increase the likelihood of being a bit more lively tomorrow.

I also need to knuckle down to a couple of laborious and tedious paper work tasks, plus a bit of writing that I have been putting off for a few days now. The weekend is earmarked. Come Monday, it is business as usual and ducks need to be in line.

I keep finding indications that play, in terms of making sure there is variety and shifting established structures as well as the Derridean notion of freeplay, is indeed the figurative fount of youth. Check this article from the New York Times out: Adult learning – how to train the aging brain. It started as a hunch, derived from observations of the effects of certain pastimes in my own life. But the writings of people like Brian Sutton-Smith, as well as neuroscientific findings, seem to offer support.


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