Back where I belong

Popped out for a bit with my friend Annika this evening, it is soooo nice to be back where it is walking distance to a social existence. Remote locations are unpeopled for a reason. Leave them to wildlife.

Annika is still in love with her French man, but a little impatient. I have a good gut feeling about it, and she is certainly blossoming. He is in the middle of running a very busy restaurant in the French/Swiss Alps, and from the sound of it managed to do quite well anyway on spending quality time with her. I haven’t met the guy, but I am rooting for him. There is something about her with this one.

I have resisted popping downstairs to Lady Sam’s for what no doubt would be a protracted catch up, and am instead heading for my pillow. It is New Year’s Eve tomorrow, and there is at least one party to go to.


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