Thoughts on final section

Time-space continuum – access all areas, running away with the circus, the privileged, playful, leisurely, the charisma of the careless and the wanton, the half-world/demi-monde, the blend of the ‘childlike’, ‘innocent’ and potentially chaotic, subversive, transgressive, stepping outside of time to master it, rejecting the time-bound, reality-bound, conventional.

Sacred/profane, carnivalesque, bacchanialian, ‘lunar’, wild, unpredictable, chaotic, upside-down, subversive, transgressive, coarse/popular/vigorous, disorientation

Luxury of leisure:
Privilege, time for pleasure, play, the playful, ‘childlike’, affordance of focus on self and peak or optimal experiences, hedonism

Deviation from the absolute, balance between chaos and order, tensioning, lo-fi, aesthetically pleasing irregularity

Emotive communication:
Sensory emphasis, play on intimacy and distance, emotionally powerful or poignant references, push-pull, dynamic, relating to things inside, personal, under the skin

What is left unsaid, just out of view, hidden, implied, space to fall or enter into, intrigue, nocturnal, the unknown

Secrecy, elect crowd, belonging to a select group, desire to belong, to have access, backstage pass, secret circle, magic circle


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