A cold, cold day in a live-in fridge

Had no power from midnight to 4pm today. It was like living in a fridge. In this place, no power means no cooking, no hot water and no heating. House full of children. A frigid chaos.

Thankfully, friends and neighbours stepped in with kind offerings of cups of tea, refuge from the cold, distraction for the kids, and even warm beds for the night if the problem wasn’t fixed by bedtime.

Luckily, it was. Geoffy alerted me to the fact that it was definitely an electricity board job, as the problem was somewhere before the fuse box. Rob sorted that one out, and Mr. Man from Seeboard turned up at 3pm.

It turns out someone who shall remain unnamed put a screw through the floor boards in the hallway in an attempt at stopping them squeaking. It must have been close to some crucial wire, and when he stepped on the very spot at midnight, it shorted the entire circuit.

It was a 100A fuse. Enough for a six-bedroom house. I saw the screw (I urgently adviced same said gung-ho DIY person to remove all those screws) and the tip was melted. Quelle surprise.

Same said person also saw it fit to leave the house at 9.30am to attend a Tai Chi course, leaving me to deal with 3 kids in a live-in fridge. Thankfully I have a friendly landlord, great neighbours and good friends.

It felt good to get out of the house and go to Christabel and Geoff’s for Sunday roast. (I was by then very hungry, but that wasn’t the only reason.) The 21st century is a great time to live. Luddite refuseniks can keep their romantic views of the middle ages.

Sam took the girls to C&Gs in the MG while Twig, Matt and myself walked. Mia was there, and we talked future plans and comnections lots. She’s lovely. I sensibly took the girls and left at 8pm. M and A are on their way to Essex and there are two sleeping, beautiful children in bed. Cat Power crooning softly on Spotify. Nice and quiet.


One Response to “A cold, cold day in a live-in fridge”

  1. Detta hade jag ingen aning om! HAHAHA, in för att det var kallt men för kommentarerna om who-did-it…

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