Christmas tree dressing party

I am astonished by the lovely things people brought to decorate the tree with. I anticipated all sorts of random, weird objects, but they brought beautiful, mostly handmade things – little angels in nappies, cookie strands, cookie snowflakes, handmade glass hearts, a miniature Earth, little golden paper boats, lovely chocolate bags with roses to hang them up by, a home made, glamorous cleavage-augmented feather filled cone, as well as more traditional baubles, tinsel and a star for the top – all totally colour co-ordinated, as if they had talked beforehand.

Which they obviously hadn’t, as people largely hadn’t met before. But it was a truly lovely gathering of souls; warm and generous people who very much appreciated each other’s company. An easy hostess job.

Jules (from the La Gomera trip) came down from London, really nice to see him. He and Hamish ended up crashing here, which was grand as Cai then had some people to jump on in the morning. It was a late, but actually not very messy night.

I finally got to bed at 5.30-ish, but then the place was largely tidied up. Nicer to wake up that way. One very useful lesson from all those years of running events. It is far easier to clean before going to bed than after you wake up.

At its zenith it was pretty crowded in here, but at some point past 2am the party found its own ecological balance, with a bunch that stayed until the wee hours. There were very amusing nipple-related activities involving a wisk and a feather duster in the kitchen at one point. The kitchen was a hive of amusement pretty much the whole night. with Twig et al holding court.

Friends were made. Good times were had. Barry Manilow was channeled. Towards the end of the evening Denise, Sam C, Jane and myself were acting out the marionette skit from Sound of Music, The Lonely Shepherd. In the end, everyone was doing the dozy doe.

Some photos of the diehards from the small hours (thanks Alex!):


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