And guess who put Tweecret Santa together…?

I met Leila Summa today at the Wretchedly Content Yuletide Breakfast, and we hit it off nicely. Uncannily, she’s the one who put Tweecret Santa together! Andy told me that we really ought to meet ages ago, so I am glad we did. I also talked for quite some time with the man who owns and runs the Pavillion Gardens Café. Splendid institution that it is, I now know why it is such a popular place. It is run with genuine emotional intelligence.

Yesterday I met Julie Samuels, and we also got on famously. She and I had a very good understanding, and she helped me with the information I need in order to get on with plans. So, networking-wise, I have had a couple of very good days.

Healthwise, still a little below par, but utterly trivial compared to all the illness around me. It was just the unseemliness of my combined bouts of (mild) shingles, (simple) cold and (mild) conjunctivitis kept me indoors most of this week. Luckily, VPN has played the game. And I still very much enjoy working on nice equipment (new lovely keyboard and mouse, a delight to use).


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